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Takeaway Menu


Tutto Bene crust ~ Tutto Bene combinations!
Two sizes: Medio 30cm/Grande 40cm & gf avail

1. Margherita (v)

Napoli sauce, fresh tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil and parmesan 22.5/28.5

2. Fiorentina (v)

Napoli sauce, fresh tomato, spinach, ricotta, olives, mozzarella, parmesan & pinenuts 24.5/29.5

3. Contadina

Napoli sauce, fresh tomato, mozzarella, roast chicken, pineapple, avocado & mascarpone 24.5/29.5

4. Di Mare

Napoli sauce, fresh tomato, calamari, shrimps, mussels, capsicum, capers, anchovies, black olives & mozzarella 26/31

5. Pollo Pesto

The Locals’ Favourite! Basil pesto, smoked chicken, tomato, avocado, mozzarella & parmesan 24.5/29.5

6. Magnifico!

Napoli sauce, fresh tomato, salami, ham, mushroom, capsicum, black olives & mozzarella 24.5/29.5

7. Salmone

Napoli sauce, smoked salmon, fresh tomato, red onion, capers, dill, mozzarella & rocket  26/31

8. New Zealand Favourite

Napoli sauce, shaved ham, pineapple & mozzarella 22.5/28.5

9. Quattro Stagioni

Napoli sauce, artichoke, ham, mushroom, salami, shrimps, capers & mozzarella 26/31

10. Montanara

Napoli sauce, spiiicy Italian sausage, blue cheese, mushroom, mozzarella, parmesan, prosciutto & rocket 26/31

11. Diavola

Not for the faint-hearted! Napoli sauce, salami, anchovies, olives, fresh tomato, garlic & chilli 24.5/29.5

12. Di Carne

Napoli sauce, spiiicy Italian sausage, chicken meatballs, ham, salami, mushroom, black olives & mozzarella 26/31

13. Quattro Formaggi (v)

White sauce base with blue cheese, mozzarella, mascarpone, parmesan and toasted walnuts 24.5/29.5

14. Funghi (v)

White-sauce with porcini, Portobello, goat cheese & mozzarella with black truffle oil-crème fraiche & rocket 24.5/29.5

15. Umbria

White-sauce base with fresh tomato, chilli, garlic, prosciutto, mozzarella & parmesan 24.5/29.5

16. Calzone Paradiso (Folded Pizza Pocket)

Folded pizza; salami, smoked chicken, sundried tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, capsicum & parmesan 24.5/29.5


gf available for some dishes

Spaghetti Tradizionali [v avail]

Choose either a hearty ragu Bolognese, or vegetarian arrabiata [v] sauce 23.9

Spaghetti Roberto

A Tutto favourite. Spiiiicy Italian sausage, chicken meatballs in a tomato, basil & garlic sauce 24.5

Le Lasagne

Layers of delicious ragu Bolognese and bechamel sauce, served with salad 24.5

Cannelloni Fiorentina [v]

…with oodles of spinach, ricotta and parmesan baked with Napoli sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables 24.5

Braised Beef Ravioli

Our slow-braised beef ravioli served in a deliciously creamy onion, Portobello mushroom and roasted capsicum sauce 24.5

Fettucine Carbonara

Fettuccine tossed with smoked streaky bacon & zucchini in a cream, egg yolk & parmesan sauce 24.5

Fettuccine Posillipo

Prawns, scallops, squid & mussels sautéed with garlic, chilli, tomato and vino bianco 27.5

Penne Pollo

A tangy blend of Napoli sauce, roast chicken, sundried tomatoes, black olives & capers 24.5

Salads & Sides

Tutto Salad [gf]

A mixed lettuce salad with roast chicken breast, salami, bocconcini, cherry tomato, basil and balsamic vinaigrette 15.5

Della Casa [gf df v]

House salad of mixed leaves with tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, red onion, black olives & Italian dressing 12.5

Goat Cheese, Prosciutto & Walnut Salad [gf df]

Goat cheese, prosciutto, baby beetroot leaves, rocket and walnuts 15.5

Del Pastore [gf df v]

Pecorino romano cheese with fresh pear, iceberg, baby spinach and toasted hazelnuts 15.5

Patatine Fritte (v)

Chunky-cut fries 9.5

Pane all’Aglio (v)

Tutto Bene ciabatta loaf baked with garlic & herb butter 9.5

Pizza Bread (v)

 Our signature pizza bread is baked with a delicious combination of garlic, cheese, chilli & pesto 11.5

Polenta Chips (v)

Crispy, soft-centred golden polenta chips with aioli 9.5


Tutto’s Famous Desserts

Tiramisu; Lemon Tart; Chocolate Fondant; Profiteroles 16.0