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Antipasti Misto

Start your dining experience the Italian way with a platter of selected Italian & local delicacies: meats, smoked salmon; white anchovies; boccocini; marinated olives, artichokes, tapenade & pesto; served with Italian-style breads 35.5
*Divine paired with Prosecco or a Peroni*

Arancini Siciliani [v]

We crumb then lightly fry our taleggio & roasted red pepper risotto balls. Served with smoky-tomato aioli. Deliziosi! 15.5

Prosciutto e Melone [gf df]

Jzeush up your life with this refreshing combination of sweet rock melon, salty San Daniele prosciutto and rrrocket! 14.5

Chargrilled Chilli Calamari [gf df]

Served with capers, kalamata olives, tomatoes, mixed leaves, chilli, garlic and lemon 21.5

Warmed Olive Marinate [gf df v]

Succulent kalamata & green Sicilian olives marinated with lemon, chilli, garlic & rosemary 10.9

Funghi Ripieni [gf v]

Luscious baked Portobello mushrooms filled with ricotta, sundried tomato & basil 15.9

Scallops con Prosciutto [gf df]

Pan-seared scallops on sweet pea puree with crispy prosciutto & pinenuts 21.5

Bene Chowder

Saffron-infused chowder with fresh fish, prawns, mussels, smoked salmon and vegetables. Served with grilled ciabatta 15.9


Bruschetta Classica [df v]

Toasted focaccia topped with fresh tomato, garlic, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar 14.5

Bruschetta con burrata e prosciutto

Toasted focaccia topped with fresh mozzarella burrata, basil pesto and crispy prosciutto 17.5

Pizza Bread [v gfa]

Our signature pizza bread baked with a delicious combination of garlic, cheese, chilli & pesto 13.5

Pane all’Aglio [v]

Tutto Bene ciabatta baked with garlic & herb butter 9.5