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Main Courses (Piatti Principali)

Carni Bianche

Pollo al Chianti [gf]

Succulent free-range chicken leg sautéed with smoked bacon, mushrooms, onion, garlic and thyme then braised in chianti vino rosso

Pollo Squisito [gf]

Chargrilled free-range chicken breast finished in frangelico-laced creamy mushroom sauce and garnished with roasted hazelnuts

Vitello Saltimbocca [gf]

White veal stuffed with artichoke and sage, wrapped with prosciutto, then pan-fried and served with a marsala jus

Scallopine Parmigiana

White veal baked in a light parmesan crust, topped with chargrilled eggplant & a roast capsicum sauce

White meat dishes served with creamy potato gratin and fresh seasonal vegetables 37.5


NZ’s finest beef, aged for a minimum of 28 days

~ Supplied by Traiteur of Merivale ~

Beef Fillet

300 gram premium fillet; or


400 gram marbled sirloin steak; or


500 gram classic T-Bone (what more can we say)

Grilled to your liking with your choice of:

  • rosemary & garlic;
  • mushroom red wine; or
  • brandy & green pepper jus

Our steaks are served with creamy potato gratin & chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables 39.5

Regional NZ Fare

Canterbury Lamb Rack [gf]

Succulent chargrilled Canterbury lamb rack, served with kumara, green beans, olives, crispy parsnip & parsley

Wild South Venison

Pan-roasted Wild South Island venison loin with spicy venison sausage, served with sweet pumpkin puree and green beans

Market Fish

Changes frequently depending on the weather and how the fishing is progressing out there

Showcasing some of our best regional produce ~ all 39.5

Contorni (Sides)

Della Casa [gf df v]

Salad of mixed leaves with tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, red onion, black olives & Italian dressing 12.5

Verdure Griglisate [gf v]

Chargrilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum & red onion served with shaved parmesan & pinenuts 11.5

Beans & Olives [gf df v]

Fresh green beans sautéed with garlic, olives & tomato 10.5

Patatine Fritte [df v]

Fries served with our classic aioli 9.5

Polenta Chips [v]

Crispy, soft-centred golden polenta chips served with our classic aioli 10.5

Insalate (salads)

Tutto Salad [gf]

Grilled chicken breast, salami, bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, mixed lettuce, basil and balsamic vinaigrette Goat cheese, prosciutto, baby beetroot leaves, rocket and walnuts

Goats Cheese, Prosciutto & Walnut Salad [gf df]

Pecorino romano cheese with fresh pear, iceberg, baby spinach and toasted hazelnuts

Del Pastore [gf df v]

Pecorino romano cheese with fresh pear, iceberg, baby spinach and toasted hazelnuts

One size ~ 17.5


Two sizes available: Medio/Grande [gf options available]

Spaghetti Tradizionali [v avail]

Choose either:

Hearty ragu Bolognese sauce, or

Vegetarian arrabiata [v] 19.5/26.5

Spaghetti Roberto

A Tutto Bene favourite. Italian sausage & chicken meatballs in a basil, tomato & garlic sauce 20.5/26.5

‘Best Ever’ Lasagne

House lasagne baked with layers of delicious ragu Bolognese and bechamel sauce. Served with chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables 20.5/26.5

Cannelloni Fiorentina [v]

Filled with spinach, house ricotta & parmesan then baked with our Napoli sauce. Served with chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables 20.5/26.5

Braised Beef Raviolli

Our hand-made slow-braised beef ravioli is served in a deliciously creamy onion, Portobello mushroom & roasted capsicum sauce 22.5/28.5

Fettuccine Carbonara

Fettuccine tossed with seared pancetta & zucchini in a rich cream, egg yolk & parmesan sauce 19.5/26.5

Fettuccine Posillipo

Prawns, scallops, squid & mussels sautéed with garlic, chilli, tomato & vino bianco 23.5/29.5

Penno Pollo

A tangy blend of Napoli sauce, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes, black olives & capers 19.5/26.5

Pasta del Giorno

Pasta Chef’s whim. Please ask your wait-staff 22.5/28.5


Risotto Ligure [gf]

Riviera risotto with prawns, scallops, squid, mussels & clams. Simmered in vino bianco and garnished with chopped parsley

Risotto ai Funghi [gf v]

Rich and creamy mushroom risotto with porcini, Portobello & truffle oil

Risotto Piselli & Zucca [gf v]

Butternut pumpkin & pea risotto finished with mascarpone, crispy sage & pinenuts

Beef Cheek Gnocchi

Sticky slow-braised beef cheek mixed with house-made potato gnocchi & leeks. Garnished with shaved parmesan

Melanzane Al Forno [gf v]

Classic North Italian dish ~ eggplant baked with Napoli sauce, basil & parmesan. With chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables

One size fit s all ~ 24.9